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Hawaii on my Mind

Its been 5 weeks since my 5 week stay in Hawaii. I’m back in the real world, and doing nothing but school full time. Still, I can’t help but think fondly of all the awesome experiences and wonderful people I met. Of course, having so many mementos surrounding me in my room tends to trigger these memories…

A ceramic honu sitting on the solar panel of my solar lamp

My little yellow truck with a surfboard... right next to my dashboard hula doll which will move to my car as soon as I have it cleaned

A little sign I picked up from Sand People in front of a painting from Cambodia, next to a Balinese crying man sculpture, on top of my favorite travel books.

All the pins I collected from the different clubs.

The jewelry I've been wearing lately...

Postcards on the side of my filing cabinet

Aloha Means Love

My many leis hanging on the bedpost -- 'til I figure out what to do with them

Aloha Hawaii, I’ll be back to see you again someday. Meanwhile, you’re in my thoughts.

Thus, my inspiration for the 1st plate I submitted for Color Rendering Class

P.S. My 2nd plate was of a hibiscus flower, but I wasn’t able to take a photo


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The Color Spectrum

As I was studying for my Color Theory quiz tomorrow, I remembered taking this photo one afternoon at CBTL Burgos Circle. Light emits countless wavelengths but human perception is limited to a small range of visible light wavelengths called the color spectrum. We can only see 7 of them; and we’ve named them red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Sir Isaac Newton was the first scientist to experiment with splitting sunlight into these visible bands. When sunlight goes through a prism, it is re-arranged according to light wave lengths and we see a rainbow. Red has the longest wavelength while violet has the shortest. The colors are always arranged longest to shortest (wave length) which is why we never see a rainbow with colors arranged differently.

On this day, in this particular hour, the sunlight hit the edges of CBTL’s glass door at just the right angle for them to split into 7 bands of color just in time for me to capture this photograph.

Looks like I’m learning something after all…

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Lines and Letters

I wasn’t kidding when I said my school is like nursery school for adults… at least for now. For the 1st couple of weeks of class, we’ve been focusing on lines and letters. For Mechanical Drawing we made this plate full of lines.

Then a couple of plates with the alphabet and a paragraph which should be 30% numbers. Apparently, architects and interior designers have a certain way of writing to label their plates.

Now, it seems these lines and new alphabet are so important, we’re doing the same thing for freehand drawing. The difference is, this time we have to draw our lines without using any ruler (or T-square or triangles).

That was for the first week. Last week, we graduated to different kinds of lines:

  1. Vertical Lines – lines that suggest dignity, aspiration and stablity
  2. Horizontal Lines – lines of rest, calm, peace and death
  3. Diagonal Lines – lines that suggest unrest, danger, excitement and imbalance
  4. Jagged Lines – anger and rapid movements
  5. Undulating Lines – slow and graceful movements

This is the plate I spent all Saturday making. We’ve also begun practicing changing the darkness of the lines with pen pressure. For the last column, we were free to draw anything we wanted as long as 90% of our lines used the same kind of line as the rest of the row.

For Mech Draw, we are now learning to use scales. To those unfamiliar with drafting, these are funny looking rulers that look like toblerone. They allow us to scale measurements down to a size that fits on paper. Right now, we are learning to use english scales (feet and inches). These are furniture boxes in 3/4 and 3/8 scales.

I’m beginning to get the hang of things and finishing my plates faster. What takes up a lot of time is that we’re not allowed to use conventional pencil sharpeners. We have to sharpen the pencils using a cutter and pencil pointer (a.k.a. sandpaper) to achieve the right kind of pointiness. And we have to keep them sharp(!) or else our lines wouldn’t be consistent.

After all these plates, the biggest challenge for me still is — sharpening my pencils.


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Follow Your Passion

I love my batch at PSID. Being an odd month to start school, my batch has a lot of 2nd coursers, some 3rd coursers and even some retirees. This morning, at Color Theory class, my teacher just wanted to get to know us so we spent the period telling our stories. I have classmates who refused to go to school until their parents agreed to let them go to PSID. They really wanted to be there. I have classmates who, like me, have tried other careers and then realized it wasn’t what they wanted. Some are housewives and retirees who are looking for something to do.

Our batch is full of people like me who found out what they wanted later on in life and are not afraid to pursue their passions. Some, like me have been interested for a long time and just want to expand on the technical know-how. Some are already established in their careers, but really want to pursue this instead.

I think Interior Design is a career for late bloomers. I have classmates who are architects, civil engineers, nurses, real estate brokers, bankers, auditors and accountants. My EPD teacher is one year short of becoming a doctor, my color theory teacher is a nurse. Looking at the list of faculty members in the website, some of them are graduates of legal management, interdisciplinary studies, psychology, philosophy etc.

It is a course for those who have the passion for it. Its true that when you’re 16 and choosing a course, you don’t really know what you want. Often, it is when you’ve entered the real world, tried out a few things and traveled a bit that you realize your passion. Some never figure out what they want in life, some feel it is too late, but others follow their bliss. I’m happy to be part of the last group.

Three things that stood out from all the stories I heard today:

  1. One of the perks of being an Interior Designer is shopping using other people’s money! – Ms. Carol Santos, my Color Theory teacher
  2. When you’re 16, you can’t really know what you want to do. – Tita Zeny
  3. Don’t worry about money. Just follow your passion and the money will follow¬† – Tita Lisa