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Trick or Treat!

I convinced my sister to accompany me to SM North by bribing her with a promise to treat her to an ice cream. What better place to have that ice cream than at Sebastian’s. I just love their creative flavors. We both had their special halloween flavor: Trick or Treat

Vanilla Ice Cream loaded with Nutella Cups and Dark Chocolate Crunch chunks, swirled together with Dark Chocolate Ice Cream with Peanut Butter Cups and Crisp Butter Toffee chunks.


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Banana Cupcakes with Chocolate Cream Cheese Frosting

If these cupcakes look familiar, that’s because these are the same cupcakes I served on my birthday/table setting finals. These are the first desserts I’ve actually priced. There’s still room for improvement. That banana chip on top stales in the refrigerator and its the first time I’ve used proper frosting tools. I’m still getting the hang of it. I think its too complicated for my plan to sell baked stuff during the holidays. I’ll probably stick to cookies. But they’re oh so yummy!  Just in case, these are P400 per dozen cupcakes.

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Masterchef and Molten Lava Cake

I was watching Masterchef US over lunch. In today’s episode they made chocolate souffle. The souffle looked so good it had me craving for chocolate lava cake. I couldn’t wait til I head out later to look for cake, so I decided to bake a batch myself.

My lava cakes in the oven

Cooling down...

A bit undercooked, but it did satisfy my craving... yum!

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Dark Chocolate Dream

I’ve been meaning to go to Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf for some time now to buy a can of Special Dutch Chocolate. I want to try to make my favorite Moroccan Mint Tea Latte at home with the Moroccan Mint Tea Mary got me for Christmas. It took me forever to decide whether I’ll get the big can or get a trio so I can try out the other flavors. I ended up getting one large can of Special Dutch and then a trio of Dark Chocolate Dream, White Chocolate Dream and Hazelnut powder. It even comes with a little whisk. So tonight, I made cups of Dark Chocolate Dream for the family (white chocolate for Ria), experimenting with steaming milk in the microwave. I wish I had a real milk steamer and frother. It would have been so much better.

Now I’m too full to sleep, so I guess I’ll work on another post. Before I sign off on this post, I want to post this picture I took yesterday. Ria’s schoolmates came over for a project and these were the seats they were hanging out in at our front yard. Of course, me and my obsession for chairs thought it made an interesting vignette.

Good Night!