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Looking Back at 2011

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Happy New Year!

I met 2011 with great expectations for my new life. A lot of things didn’t happen as expected, but so many great things also came to be that I did not plan on. In the past year, I gained a lot of amazing friends of all shapes and sizes, of all ages and from places far away. I’ve traveled more than I expected, I learned so many things (and not just concerning Interior Design), experienced so many things for the first time (like white water rafting, climbing Mt. Pulag, riding a helicopter, and archery. . .)  and best of all, I had a lot of fun. My decision to leave my banking career did not make my world smaller or more limited. Rather, the change has led to so many opportunities that have expanded my world.

Insights from 2011:

– So many things can happen in 3 months, or in a month or in a week. Its amazing how much you can learn, and how many bonds can be formed in such a short amount of time. At the same time, in some things, so little could change in a year or in 7 years, or even in 10.

– Sometimes the only thing keeping you from winning is that you’re afraid to try.

– Sometimes, to get what you want, you have to ask for it.

– Good things come to those who have less, simply because, when you have less to lose, you take more risks.

Hello 2012! I hope you bring me as many blessings and opportunities as 2011 did. I’m looking forward to growing and learning many more things.


Author: erikajumps

I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

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