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I just spent one week re-arranging my bedroom furniture and am currently in the process of putting everything back in the cabinets. Its still far from looking liveable, so I’m not taking pictures yet. Meanwhile, I’m selling my desk and replacing it with a drafting table and filing cabinet. I think that would be the best use of my space. It would also save me from drafting on the dining table and having to clear everything up come meal time.

I spent the evening sewing buttons back on a cushion after I had its cover washed. The cushion belongs to my giant chair. It was my 1st investment on furniture, a big blue round rattan chair with a squashy green cushion. I bought it a few years ago, right when I was supposed to be saving for my backpacking trip across Southeast Asia. It went on sale and I couldn’t resist it. The chair is actually way too big for my room and is the main reason why I can’t upgrade to a bigger bed but I was in love with that chair for 2 years before it went on sale. Somehow, its size and shape and squashy cushion makes it the comfiest chair ever. When you sit on it, you don’t want to get up and twice I’ve actually fallen asleep in it. Lambchop couldn’t resist it either and made my sewing even more challenging by lying down on the cushion. Its not even on the chair yet, but it looks like its a pretty good dog bed judging from how quickly he fell asleep even as I was flipping part of the cushion to sew a button. Now I’m jealous and want to curl up on a giant cushion and fall asleep myself.



Author: erikajumps

I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

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