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The Color Spectrum

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As I was studying for my Color Theory quiz tomorrow, I remembered taking this photo one afternoon at CBTL Burgos Circle. Light emits countless wavelengths but human perception is limited to a small range of visible light wavelengths called the color spectrum. We can only see 7 of them; and we’ve named them red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Sir Isaac Newton was the first scientist to experiment with splitting sunlight into these visible bands. When sunlight goes through a prism, it is re-arranged according to light wave lengths and we see a rainbow. Red has the longest wavelength while violet has the shortest. The colors are always arranged longest to shortest (wave length) which is why we never see a rainbow with colors arranged differently.

On this day, in this particular hour, the sunlight hit the edges of CBTL’s glass door at just the right angle for them to split into 7 bands of color just in time for me to capture this photograph.

Looks like I’m learning something after all…


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I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

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