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I won!


OHMYGOD. I must have said that a hundred times tonight. Today I joined the Filipinas Heritage Library’s Alcove Perspective Photography Challenge. I joined it for fun — just for the experience. . . but guess what? I won 1st place!

The Photography Challenge is like Amazing Race for photographers. We were given a shoot list at the beginning of the competition, and 3 hours to take all the photos. That might seem easy for a list of 22 photos, but it’s not! We spent so much time crossing off the items on the list; trying to get the perfect angle, trying to take a photo that’s different from everyone else’, changing lenses, waiting for the sun to come out, etc. Plus, when we submitted our memory cards they could only contain 1 shot for every item on the list.

First on the shoot list is a shot of the Filipinas Heritage Library (formerly Nielsen Tower, the country’s 1st airport). We could either take a shot of books or the look of the building. Here’s the shot I chose.Ayala Triangle – We were supposed to take a photo of the following monuments.

Gabriela Silang with emphasis on the bolo:Ninoy Aquino against one of the buildings surrounding it: We didn’t have time to cross and get a better angle, so it’s a shot of his butt. . .Sultan Kudarat – We didn’t get to this at all. We were running out of time.

Acacia Tree – a shot of an acacia tree inside the Ayala triangle gardens with emphasis on texture

Buildings by L.V. Locsin

We were supposed to look for the common feature among these 3 buildings built by the same architect, LV Locsin. I think it’s the complicated corners and the strong lines.

Makati Stock Exchange (I took this from the island in the middle of Ayala Ave. with my fisheye lens and cool white balance)

The LV Locsin building. (Used vibrant color mode and fisheye)

And the PLDT building, same lens, same settings

Greenbelt Park

The paperclip sculpture by Arturo LuzThe cross sculpture at the chapel, also by Arturo LuzWe were supposed to take a photo of a family at or near the fashion walk. The mom didn’t want her photo taken, but these kids were game.

We were also supposed to take photos of flora and fauna in the park. That’s where my macro lens proved most useful. Here’s flora:Here’s my fauna. After taking numerous boring shots of maya birds and frustrated attempts to shoot fish and turtles in the muddy water, I had already given up and was looking for a flora shot when I came upon this spider. I’ve named him Lucky.While we were at it, we were supposed to take a photo of a smiling guard at the Ayala Museum. Thanks Manong Guard!

Glorietta- We were on the lookout for the following:

a child playingThere was a shortage of children playing at Glorietta today. Most submitted shots were probably of Boknoy, a cute chubby kid playing with a pull-toy. I stole this shot from upstairs though and decided to submit it instead. I wish the kid was more in focus.

– a directional signage

– something redFountain at Manila Pen

A challenge on the list was to take a photo of the fountain at the corner of The Manila Peninsula Hotel. Its moving so the challenge was — do we blur it or freeze it? This was a shot I took quickly from afar. We intended to cross the street to get a closer shot of the water, but we didn’t have time.Finally as we ran around Ayala Ave and Makati Ave, we were supposed to find a chance to shoot:

An e-jeepney –  No e-jeepneys in sight today. I don’t think anyone was able to take this.

A lady with an umbrella – For some weird reason, considering its a rainy day, all the people I saw with umbrellas were male. I think I would have had better luck looking for  a lady with an umbrella on a bright sunny day,

Street Food – I didn’t see any either! I think street food vendors don’t roam around as much on Saturdays.

Philippine Flag – The only one I was able to take!

Despite not winning anything in the raffle and re-twisting my bad ankle on my 1st shot, the sweat, the rain, the walking and the poor food, I’ve more than ROI-ed on my registration fee. Quite unexpectedly, my name was called last – 1st place! I really think it was because of Lucky the spider. Now that’s my favorite macro shot.

My loot. Yes, the Piolo journal and the Oreo are really part of it. We also went home with goodie bags with Tang, Oreos, Tiger cookies and a Digital Photographer magazine.


Author: erikajumps

I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

2 thoughts on “I won!

  1. Congratulations! 🙂

  2. I’m super impressed! Congratulations! I didn’t know you were a serious photographer. Glad you’re really taking advantage of all the bells and whistles of your camera. Maybe, I’ll join you when I retire but it may be a long wait.

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