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Lines and Letters

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I wasn’t kidding when I said my school is like nursery school for adults… at least for now. For the 1st couple of weeks of class, we’ve been focusing on lines and letters. For Mechanical Drawing we made this plate full of lines.

Then a couple of plates with the alphabet and a paragraph which should be 30% numbers. Apparently, architects and interior designers have a certain way of writing to label their plates.

Now, it seems these lines and new alphabet are so important, we’re doing the same thing for freehand drawing. The difference is, this time we have to draw our lines without using any ruler (or T-square or triangles).

That was for the first week. Last week, we graduated to different kinds of lines:

  1. Vertical Lines – lines that suggest dignity, aspiration and stablity
  2. Horizontal Lines – lines of rest, calm, peace and death
  3. Diagonal Lines – lines that suggest unrest, danger, excitement and imbalance
  4. Jagged Lines – anger and rapid movements
  5. Undulating Lines – slow and graceful movements

This is the plate I spent all Saturday making. We’ve also begun practicing changing the darkness of the lines with pen pressure. For the last column, we were free to draw anything we wanted as long as 90% of our lines used the same kind of line as the rest of the row.

For Mech Draw, we are now learning to use scales. To those unfamiliar with drafting, these are funny looking rulers that look like toblerone. They allow us to scale measurements down to a size that fits on paper. Right now, we are learning to use english scales (feet and inches). These are furniture boxes in 3/4 and 3/8 scales.

I’m beginning to get the hang of things and finishing my plates faster. What takes up a lot of time is that we’re not allowed to use conventional pencil sharpeners. We have to sharpen the pencils using a cutter and pencil pointer (a.k.a. sandpaper) to achieve the right kind of pointiness. And we have to keep them sharp(!) or else our lines wouldn’t be consistent.

After all these plates, the biggest challenge for me still is — sharpening my pencils.



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I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

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