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I love my batch at PSID. Being an odd month to start school, my batch has a lot of 2nd coursers, some 3rd coursers and even some retirees. This morning, at Color Theory class, my teacher just wanted to get to know us so we spent the period telling our stories. I have classmates who refused to go to school until their parents agreed to let them go to PSID. They really wanted to be there. I have classmates who, like me, have tried other careers and then realized it wasn’t what they wanted. Some are housewives and retirees who are looking for something to do.

Our batch is full of people like me who found out what they wanted later on in life and are not afraid to pursue their passions. Some, like me have been interested for a long time and just want to expand on the technical know-how. Some are already established in their careers, but really want to pursue this instead.

I think Interior Design is a career for late bloomers. I have classmates who are architects, civil engineers, nurses, real estate brokers, bankers, auditors and accountants. My EPD teacher is one year short of becoming a doctor, my color theory teacher is a nurse. Looking at the list of faculty members in the website, some of them are graduates of legal management, interdisciplinary studies, psychology, philosophy etc.

It is a course for those who have the passion for it. Its true that when you’re 16 and choosing a course, you don’t really know what you want. Often, it is when you’ve entered the real world, tried out a few things and traveled a bit that you realize your passion. Some never figure out what they want in life, some feel it is too late, but others follow their bliss. I’m happy to be part of the last group.

Three things that stood out from all the stories I heard today:

  1. One of the perks of being an Interior Designer is shopping using other people’s money! – Ms. Carol Santos, my Color Theory teacher
  2. When you’re 16, you can’t really know what you want to do. – Tita Zeny
  3. Don’t worry about money. Just follow your passion and the money will follow  – Tita Lisa

Author: erikajumps

I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

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