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“When I count to three, you jump okay?”

I was standing at the top of the Macau tower. I was wearing all sorts of straps and harnesses as well as a nervous grin on my face. I peered over the edge and thought to myself — That’s nothing. Anyway its safe. This is just another thrill.

The attendant pulled me to the edge of the platform and said “One – Two – Three!” My knees froze. I could not jump.

That landing cushion looks so tiny and so far away, but if I don’t jump now this guy is going to push me. I’m sure of it.

So, with tremendous effort, I bent my knees and jumped, eyes focused straight to the target.


Watching the video afterwards, what I felt was a long pause before I actually jumped had actually happened in a split second.


Author: erikajumps

I am a former banker turned Interior Design student. This blog documents my tremendous leap.

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